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New Asia College Library Exhibitions 新亞書院圖書館展覽

Application Form & Enquires 申請表及查詢

 Application Form: Download here   Email:   Phone:(852) 3943 7655

Dimensions of New Asia College Library Exhibition Area 展覽場地介紹


Hire of Exhibition Facilities Guide for Hirers

New Asia College Ch’ien Mu Library
Hire of Exhibition Facilities Guide for Hirers


  1. A person or an organisation applying for hiring exhibition facilities should send a completed application form enclosed with sample of recent works to the Library (either hard or soft copies are acceptable).
  2. Internal Units and Members of the Chinese University must make the deposit of HKD500.00 within two months subsequent to the approved application or three months in advance of the exhibition (whichever sooner).
  3. Any external parties are required to pay hire charges in addition to the deposit. The amount is calculated according to the hire duration and the administration costs incurred. The Library will confirm with the Hirer the total charges after receiving the application in order to validate the application.
  4. In case of unexpected incidents, the Management Committee of the University may at any time and in its absolute discretion cancel an application. Fees and deposit (if applicable) shall be returned without any interest or compensation to the Hirer. The Library shall not be responsible to the hirer for any loss or damage caused by such cancellation of the exhibition.


  1. The Hirer is responsible for the set up and dismantling of the exhibited items.
  2. Only copper nails and stainless steel picture frames can be used for hanging up the exhibits. Screws and glue are not allowed.
  3. All bouquets that cannot be utilised for decoration have to be removed five days after the opening of the exhibition.
  4. At the end of the exhibition, the Hirer should vacate the space and remove all properties brought and resume to a clean and tidy condition.
  5. It will be the Hirer’s liability for any damage caused to the hired area and facilities during the hiring period and should pay to the Library on demand the cost of any repairing or refurnishing.
  6. The Library has installed CCTV in the exhibition areas but it is the Hirer’s responsibility for the reception, security, insurance and safeguard of exhibits, etc. The Library shall not be responsible for any injury to any persons or any loss or damage to any properties arising out of hiring the areas by the Hirer, however and by whomsoever caused.
  7. The Hirer should provide the Library with promotion materials, posters in Chinese and English two months in advance of the exhibition. The Library will arrange the posting with relevant departments.
  8. The following message is mandatory in invitation card of the exhibition: (For non-members of Chinese University of Hong Kong, please present this invitation card for admission.)
  9. The Hirer has to provide the Library with the invitation list of non-members of the University for record.
  10. Only the outdoor reading zone on the 2nd floor is available for refreshment purpose. The Library is not responsible for the logistics of the refreshment session. The Hirer has to arrange the cleaning and resume a clean and tidy condition of the venue.

Rules & Regulations

  1. The Library management committee has the right to review the exhibits, reject and terminate the exhibition and approve all the activities taken place in the exhibition venue. 
  2. Library regulations apply to all exhibition area(s) in the Library.
  3. The hours for exhibition will be the same as the opening hours of the Library.
  4. Eating and drinking are prohibited in the Library except the venue for refreshment.
  5. Two categories of hiring period are offered: 
    i. Two to six weeks for internal parties of the University 
    ii. Two weeks for external individuals. Special application will be handled case by case
  6. The Hirer should not allow any noise, particularly noise arising from construction or moving of display stands, or the operation of sound equipment, that may cause annoyance to the users of any other units.
  7. The Hirer should not in any manner infringe any copyright and shall indemnify the Library against all claims, actions, demands and costs by reasons of any infringement of copyright.
  8. Except with the prior permission in writing of the Library, the hirer should not transfer or sublet the approved applications to other persons.
  9. The Library reserves all rights not to refund the deposit or to charge a certain amount of administration costs in case of cancellation of the exhibition with any reasons.
  10. Selling of any kinds of merchandise or exhibits are prohibited in the Library and the exhibition venue.
  11. The Hirer should, in case of queries, follow the instruction of the Library staff during the hiring period.
  12. If the Hirer fails to observe the “Terms and Conditions of Hire” or the Library Regulations, the Library may, without notice, cancel the booking and terminate the hiring.

December 2006



一. 申請事項︰

  • 只接受當日起計一年內之申請。
  • 申請人必需填妥申請表格,連同最近期之作品樣本一併交予圖書館審批。(樣本可用電子檔案方式傳送)
  • 校內單位及成員必須於申請批核後壹個月內或展覽期三個月前(以較早之日期計算),繳付港幣伍佰元作按金。
  • 校外人仕除按金外,亦須繳付場地租金,金額就租用期之長短及一般之行政費用而厘定,圖書館於接獲申請後,會盡快通知申請人有關款項,以便確實有關申請。
  • 如遇突發事件,圖書館管理委員會有權取消所有申請,按金及租金(如適用)全數發還,圖書館概不負責額外之利息、補償及其他損失。
  • 新亞成員提出之申請可獲優先考慮。

二. 責任︰

  • 主辦者必須自行負責懸掛、裝置及拆除展品。
  • 懸掛靠牆展品只可使用銅釘或不銹綱畫,其他螺絲釘、膠水一律禁止使用。
  • 所有花籃若不能再作裝飾之用,必須於展覽開幕後五天搬離展覽場。
  • 展覽結束當日清理一切攜來物品,並將場地回復原狀。
  • 場地及設備如有損毁,其維修或重裝之費用,均由主辦者負責賠償。
  • 圖書館雖設有閉路電視,主辦者仍須自行負責接待、保安、保險及看守展品等事宜;主辦者一切物品(包括展品)之遺失或損壞,圖書館概不負責。
  • 主辦者須自行負責宣傳稿件,海報製作,以中、英文格式,於展覽期兩個月前交予圖書館,以便張貼及發送到有關部門刊登。(稿件可用電子檔案方式傳送)
  • 印發邀請卡,必需註明:『校外人士,請憑此邀請卡進館』(For non-CUHK members, please present this invitation card for admission)
  • 請提供校外人士之邀請名單予圖書館以作紀錄。
  •  圖書館只提供二樓之室外閱讀區範圍予主辦者作招待茶會之用,一切招待及有開茶會之安排,圖書館概不負責;主辦者必須負責茶會場地之清理,並將場地回復原狀。

三. 規則及條款︰

  • 圖書館管理委員會擁有審核展品、拒絶或終止展出及批准覽場地內一切活動之權利。
  • 圖書館使用規章均適用於展覽場地。
  • 展覽場地之開放時間與圖書館之開放時間相同。
  • 除舉行招待酒會之場地外,禁止在館內飲食。
  • 展覽期限大致分為兩種:校內單位展出一般為二至六星期;個人一般為兩星期,特殊情況則個別處理。
  • 主辦者於裝、拆展品時,亦須注意盡量避免聲浪過大,影響其他讀者。
  • 展覽內容如澀及侵犯版權,圖書館則保留追究責任及賠償之一切權利。
  • 申請一經批核,如無圖書館之書面同意,所有申請均不得轉換或分拆予他人。
  • 如接受所編期檔而未能展出者,圖書館有權沒收其按金或收取部份行政費用。
  • 館內及場內嚴禁一切商品或展品買賣。
  • 場地使用者於館內之一切活動,如有必要,均須依照圖書館職員之指示。
  • 如申請人或主辦者有未能覆行及遵守各項條款及規章之情況,圖書館有權立即終止展覽活動或取消有關申請,恕不另行通知。