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New Asia College Library Exhibition Archive 新亞書院圖書館展覽庫

Title: Along the Hong Kong Harbour in the Next Decade
名稱: 香港上岸圖跨越展
Artists: Chan Anpel and Fung, Yee Lick Eric​
作者: 陳安蓓及馮以力
Date: 23 December, 2019 - 3 January, 2020
日期: 2019年12月23日至2020年1月3日
Statement: This exhibition presents the collaboration between Anpel Chan and Eric Fung which examines human relations in our contemporary world where human are connected by the most advanced technology under a globalised context.  By juxtaposing western and eastern art media, the artists question how technology, when it goes back to its origin, assists or hampers the communication between people. While we are going into another new decade, let us rethink how human beings interact and restart from where everything begins.
Part of the work are also displayed in the Greater China region during the same period, echoing the detachment yet association between the people in these four places.

Anpel Chan is a Hong Kong indigenous inhabitant. She received her Bachelor of film and television in Australia and a scholarship to further her studies in Canada. She is now based in Hong Kong and pursuing a master degree of arts in fine arts at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Her creative practice includes painting, video, installation, performance, mix-media and public art. Her works concern local culture, urban life and human relations.

​Fung (b.1985) was born and lives in Hong Kong. He currently teaches Chinese calligraphy in the School of Professional and Continuing Education of the Hong Kong University (HKUSPACE). At his young age, he studied Chinese calligraphy under masters Ng Yam and Yip Man Yam. He received the Master of Museum Studies from University of Leicester and is now pursuing the Master of Arts (Fine Art) in Chinese University of Hong Kong.
簡介: 本次展覽展示了陳安蓓與馮以力之間的合作,旨在探討當今世界中人類之間的關係。通過西方和東方的藝術媒體並置,他們針對科技追本溯源,回到它的起源,詰問科技究竟是幫助還是阻礙了人類之間的交流。在我們邁入新的十年時,讓我們重新思考人類是如何互動,並從一切的源頭重新開始。



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