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New Asia College Library Exhibition Archive 新亞書院圖書館展覽庫

Title: "Harsh Heat" and "As Tantalus Quenches His Thirst" (Duo Solo Display)
名稱: 《猛暑》及《深水之中止渴思梅》 (雙個展)
Artists: Lo Wing Tao and Tam Man Ching​
作者: 盧永滔及譚敏晴​
Date: 20-24 January,2020 and 18-29 May, 2020​
日期: 2020年1月20日至24日及2020年5月18日至29日
Statement: "Harsh Heat" — I have learnt at a young age that Water Ghosts are the most ferocious. If I were to become a ghost amidst the vast Summer sea, I would probably, in days reeking of sweat, slam heads against walls with brute force, sing hymns in Japanese at the top of lungs, sanitize wounds with brute force, murmur prayers in Spanish at the top of lungs, hold “good morning” towels tight within palms with brute force, and while petting doggies with tears running down boiling cheeks, make a scene.

Lo Wing Tao (b. 1998, Hong Kong), eldest son in the family, takes interest in freestyle cooking and freestyle embroidery, and wishes to have a dog. Lo currently majors in Fine Arts in the Chinese University of Hong Kong, graduating in 2020 hopefully.Shifting among installation, western painting and poetry, Lo presents through his creative practices amplifications of vagueness and the theatrics of instinctual sentiments in a very careful manner.

"As Tantalus Quenches His Thirst" — In the Greek mythology, Tantalus enraged the gods and was punished by Zeus. He was made to stand in a deep pool of water but whenever he was thirsty and bend to drink, the water was drained. Trees dangled fruits above his head, yet whenever he tried to grasp them in his hands, the wind would toss them up towards the clouds, making him bear eternal hunger and thirst. A huge stone was also hung above him, putting him in fear forever. Maybe we could teach Tantalus Cao-cao's way. When his men were parched, he told them there were tons of plums in front of them. The soldiers drooled and hurried on straight away. Cao uplifted his whole army with simply a sentence, perhaps it could be helpful to Tantalus as well?

Tam Man Ching was born in Hong Kong in 1998. She is deeply interested in dogs, space, extraterrestrials and archaeology. Tam is currently an undergraduate student of Fine Arts at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and will probably graduate in 2020. Her creative practices mainly involve mixed media and installations, examining and exploring the relationship among constructs and people with everyday objects.
簡介: 《猛暑》— 從小就聽說水鬼最猛。若要化身暑熱海水裏的一隻鬼,大概會在汗流滿面的日子裏,大大力把頭撞向牆、大大聲用日文唱聖詩、大大力消毒傷口、大大聲用西班牙文呢喃禱文、大大力捏緊祝君安好毛巾,淚流滿面地摸著狗狗,大鬧一場。

  《深水之中止渴思梅》 — 希臘神話中的坦達羅斯是宙斯之子,他觸怒了諸神,被宙斯打進冥界。他被罰站在深的水池裡,當他口渴想喝水時,水就退去;他的頭上有果樹,肚子餓想吃果子時,樹枝即被吹往上,永遠忍受饑渴的折磨;還說他頭上懸著一塊巨石,隨時可以落下來把他砸死,因此永遠處在恐懼之中。或許我們可以教他曹操的做法啊。士兵們口渴到快支撐不住就跟他們說前方有很多梅子,他們聽到都口水直流,趕快上路。一句話支撐起了整隊軍人,那麼也應該能支持坦達羅斯吧?



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