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New Asia College Library Exhibition Archive 新亞書院圖書館展覽庫

Exhibition Details

Title: Lewis Lee Solo Photography Display: The Heaviest Light (Solo Display)​
名稱: 李錦青個人攝影展: 卿卿我我 (個展)
Artist: Lee Kam Ching 
作者: 李錦青
Date: 19 – 30 July 2021
日期: 2021年7月19日至30日
Statement: The Heaviest Light' is a photo exhibition about Shanghai-style barbershops.  Since 1949, many Shanghai barbers came to Hong Kong from Mainland China for opportunities.  In the 60s to 70s, Shanghai-style barbershops was at its golden age, which barbershops being commonly seen in the streets of Hong Kong, and its Shanghai style haircut being the trend in the city.  However, as time goes by there are few Shanghai-style barbershops left in Hong Kong.  Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity and use this exhibition to record history.  Lest we forget the golden age of Shanghai-style barbershops in Hong Kong.

簡介: 《卿卿我我》是一個關於上海理髮店的攝影展,自從1949年後,上海許多理髮師傅南下香港繼續發展,6、70年代上海理髮店幾乎佔據了香港的街頭,也是當時潮流的指標。但時移勢易,現在香港剩下的上海理髮店寥寥可數,因此,想透過是次展覽作為記錄歷史的一部分,讓將來後世能透過照片了解上海理髮店,不至於忘記得一乾二淨。


Exhibition Details

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