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New Asia College Library Exhibition Archive 新亞書院圖書館展覽庫

Title: A Date with Zalaegerszeg
名稱: 與札雷格塞挌的約會
Artist: Noelle Ng
作者: 伍寶蓮
Date: 5 - 16 December 2016


Artist Statement:

“A Date with Zalaegerszeg” presenting Noelle’s artworks created in the artist-in-residence programme in Zalaegerszeg, Hungary. Zalaegerszeg is a historical town where located in the western Hungary near the border of Austria and Slovenia.

Through this exhibition, Noelle presenting her key project “A Date with Him”─ and 2 side projects,  “Electrocardiogram-like drawings” and “Cherries painting”. Using mixed mediums to share her life holistically during her stay in Zalaegerszeg. 

A small town only 38sq mi, it has 207 pieces of statue, most of them are traditional ones but there are also some contemporary statues. Statues are famous people from the old days, such as the Kings, nobles, poets, politician… etc., and they are usually men and all look serious as classic statues.

A female soft statue Noelle has made referencing one of the sculptures in town, it is a lady statue called Lily. At specific sites Lily has interacted with selected male statues by using different body gestures, objects and composition for each execution. Based on the original story of each male statue, Noelle twisted and gave additional meaning to create a narrative with new perspectives. Apart from photographed each situation, Noelle has transformed the images to a further level by creating a new circumstances for each image to emerge in painting. 

In order to breakaway from the stiff and serious statues, this project use approach of appropriation suggested surreal, ironic and playful perspective against the stereotyped statues and to give more room for imagination. 

 "may see like this" - See things differently by giving more imagination!


“與札雷格塞格的約會”是展示藝術家伍寶蓮Noelle參與在匈牙利的札雷格塞格鎮的藝術家駐留計劃作品。札雷格塞格是一個歷史小鎮位於匈牙利西部,並在奧地利和斯洛文尼亞的邊境附近 。

展示作品包括重點創作項目 “與他的約會”及另外兩個駐留計劃期間的小形創作 “心電圖像”及  “櫻桃畫”。以混合媒介分享她在札雷格塞格鎮的藝術創作過程。

一個 只有38sq英里的小鎮,它擁有的雕像數目竟達207個之多,他們大多是傳統的雕像,但也有一些當代的雕像。 主要雕像都是古時的著名人物,如國王,貴族,詩人,政治家......等,而且都是男性為主;  他們都像經典的雕像非常莊嚴與沈重。

作品以Noelle 所製作的一個女性軟雕塑Lily,駕入其他男雕像所衍生的故事開始,而Lily是參照在鎮內小數女性雕像其中一個而創作的。Noelle根據幾個男雕像原來的故事,組合不同的物件及配合Lily身體姿態作出互動,重新舖排一個新觀點的故事;除了以攝影記錄每個故事情境,Noelle把每個情境再給與另外的背景,並呈現於丙烯畫作上,把每個故事再次推進並延伸更多想象空間。

該創作概念是打破僵硬與嚴肅的傳統雕像模式, 以挪用的創作手法呈現帶有超現實,諷刺和幽默的作品,運用想象空間,提出挑戰傳統且刻板印象的雕像,

“可以咁睇”- 當賦予更多想象空間時,能看到與眾不同的事情。