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Exhibition Details

Title: Step by Step, Little by Little
Artist: Li Po Man, Bobo 
作者: 李寶雯
Date: 4 - 15 November, 2019 (Extended to 6 December 2019)​
日期: 2019年11月4日至11月15日 (展期延長至2019年12月6日)
Statement: "漸 (zim6)" with the meaning of gradually, step by step, a little by little, such as life and artwork creation are the span of cumulative process. As Feng Zikai mentioned in his article "漸 (zim6)", the essence of gradually process is time. Time, we are not able to grasp it. We always struggle in the past, get lost in the future and tangle in the reality. Mr. Feng tried to further construe the word of “gradually” with a metaphor. When we read books in the dusk, even the environment becomes darker and darker, our eyesight will finally get used to read under this unfavourable situation and we may forget about the time in the end. In this exhibition, I will try to use my artworks to record down the marks of "漸 (zim6)" in our daily life. We never need to accustom to the darkness; our belief will drive us to go further, see in the darkness and find what we truly strive for gradually.

Born and educated in Hong Kong, Bobo is an amateur urban sketcher. She has a passion for art since learning Chinese painting in her childhood. She expresses herself in life drawing every day with different kinds of medium. Bobo believes that art shouldn’t be something difficult to reach by people and should be integrated with life. Working as a HR specialist in staff training and development over 10 years, she tries to bring elements of art to her workplace.

簡介:  「漸」有一步一步、一點一點的意義,如人生與創作皆為點滴之累積。豐子愷先生曾於《漸》一文中提及「漸」的本質是時間,時間則全然無從把握,不可挽留,只有過去與未來在渺茫之中不絕地相追逐而已。……晝夜也是如此:傍晚坐在窗下看書,書頁上「漸漸」地黑起來,倘不斷地看下去(目力能因了光的漸弱而漸漸加強),幾乎永遠可以認識書頁上的字跡,即不覺晝之已變為夜。是次展覽,就讓我用作品記下「漸」的過程、輕輕道出生活的小故事。深信只要堅守信念,總能讓我們漸漸得見,走得更遠,了解我們真正所追求的東西。


Step by Step, Little by Little 漸

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