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New Asia College Library Exhibition Archive 新亞書院圖書館展覽庫

Exhibition Details

Title: The Art of CUHK 2024 (Joint Display)​
名稱 : 中大藝術2024(聯展)
Date: 2 - 26 June 2024  14  June 2024 (Due to urgent infrastructure maintenance)
日期 : 2024年6月2日至26日 6月 14 日 (因緊急設施維修工程而縮短)
Venue: New Asia College Ch'ien Mu Library
地點 : 新亞書院錢穆圖書館
Statement: Once In A Blue Moon
“Blue Moon” refers to the repeated presence of a full moon in the same month. This cosmic rarity symbolises preciousness and enchantment, while also attributes to exceptional discord. The impermanence and uncertainty in life deprive us of control of our lives as if we are drowning in a swirl of numbness and can hardly proceed in the mist. The fortuitousness of the blue moon is actually pointing towards certainty, like how life is ephemeral yet planned and reincarnation repeats a cycle. The moon, which stations eternally in the sky, should be in our grasp tonight. 

The 2024 exhibition of the Fine Arts Department of The Chinese University of Hong Kong is titled "Once In A Blue Moon". Confronting all kinds of force majeure, this year’s exhibition catch hold of and piece together their gentlest glow into completeness under the blue moon night. Despite realising the uncertainty of reality, we take grasp of the transience with our works, hoping to see breaking through the illusionary reality below the moon through art. Even doomed in the earthly bleak, the precious blue moon reminds us to embrace eternity in the haze. When the night is long, let’s look up at the moon. Before the night ends and the return of the blue moon, let us take a grasp of the moon tonight.
簡介 : 藏好今晚的月亮


Exhibition Details

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