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New Asia College Library Exhibition Archive 新亞書院圖書館展覽庫

Title: "After You" and "Already There" (Double solo Display) 
名稱: 《今晚有冇人喺附近》 及《到咗好耐喇喂》 (雙個展)
Artists: Wong Hong Tik and Lee Hong Wah, Khris
作者: 黃康迪及李劻華
Date: 11 – 22 January 2021 
日期: 2021年1月11日至22日
Statement: The titles of the double-solo exhibition seem to be a question and answer dialogue. However, the two of them are not actually communicating. One is searching online while one is waiting in place. They are looking for people waiting for him and waiting for people looking for him respectively. Since the situation has not changed, they chose to linger on meaningless conversation. They know what the result of it is, and they just try to convince themselves that it is ambiguity.

Wong Hong Tik “After You”
I like making works with drawing, paintings, mixed media. Most of the works are related to myself and I am trying to make works that I love.

Lee Hong Wah, Khris “Already There”
Trained and skilled in Chinese arts, including Calligraphy and painting, bringing video and mixed media together to add new elements into Chinese arts culture. Artworks created mostly related to human, nature environment and the story between two.

簡介: 雙個人展覽的兩個題名看似是一問一答的對話,但他們兩人沒有在溝通。一個人在線上尋找,一個人在原地等候。他們各自都在找等他的人和等找他的人。既然情況沒有改變,便繼續苟延沒有意義的對話,但他們彷彿也知道結果將會是如何。他們清楚結果是如何的,只是嘗試說服自己,這是曖昧。




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