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New Asia College Library Exhibition Archive 新亞書院圖書館展覽庫

Title: Floating Beyond Secularity and Fantasies- Solo Display for the Western  Paintings by Vincent Lee Kwun-Leung (Solo Display)​
名稱: 《屬世奇幻之徘徊.李冠良個人西畫展》(個展)
Artist: Lee Kwun Leung, Vincent  
作者: 李冠良
Date: 16 - 26 February 2021 (Extended to 12 March 2021)
日期: 2021年2月16至26日 (展期延長至2021年3月12日)
Statement: Throughout these years of professional art practices, I use to psychologically struggle between Realism and Narrative Expression. It is inevitable that if I learn from the experience of Salvador Dali, I definitely do not rely on any visual references because I can simply create works in Surrealism. But in recent years, even though I observe the secular substances to paint, I am seemingly disordered by the illusions to portray the episodes in an impressionistic manner. So, is it an ironic phenomenon that I am also affected by Sigmund Freud’s “daydreaming” theory even dealing with Realism? That’s why; I define myself as floating beyond reality and fantasy while realizing my visual experiences.

Vincent Lee Kwun-leung received apprenticeship in oil-pastel drawing from Mr. and Mrs. Fong at Cheung Chau Art Gallery since his kindergarten era. Thus, he has inherited the poster-colour sketching style of Chan Hoi-ying from Hong Kong Academy of Fine Arts. Later on, due to his background of focusing on CE and AL Visual Arts in college era, Vincent got in touch with the education of plant-drawing, design, figure-drawing and narrative painting. This enables his painting to transform as comprising the elements of Expressionism, Impressionism and Plasticism. Vincent Lee received a legitimate mode of academy-based visual arts training at HKBU with diversified Chinese and Western creative mediums. His Honours-Project tutor, Ms. Cho Yeou-jui, is a Taiwanese occupational “Photorealism” acrylic painter stationing in New York. His drawing instructor is Mr. John Li Tung-keung, who has fostered numerous talents at CUHK Fine Arts. Mr. John Li’s teaching methodology of Western Fauvism mixed with the spiritual vividness of Chinese literati painting tradition inspires Vincent Lee to disclose a kind of humorous aesthetic features during his painting creativity. Vincent has ever followed Mr. Chan Ching from Prime View Garden of Tuen Mun to learn the application skills of poppy oil. Due to such a complicated art-learning circumstance, Vincent has invented a unique style of acrylic language. He even established an independent art studio at On Fat Industrial Building of Kwai Hing since 2016, with the teaching of Western Calligraphy Courses as his major career to pursue the ideal of being an amateur painter.

簡介: 在過往多年來的專業藝術實踐中,我慣性地有股內心爭扎,就是到底應該畫寫實主義還是畫敘事性的表達?無可避免地,如果要效法達利的經驗,我絕對地不用依賴任何視覺參考,因為我大可直截了當地做出超現實主義的創作。但近年就算是觀望著屬世物像來作畫,我仍會似是被幻像所左右,畫出了印象主義味道的片段來。因此,是否出現了一個諷刺的現象,就是即使我是處理具像實對之際,我到底在那刻有沒有受著弗洛依德的「白日夢」理論所影響?所以,我定義自己為當兌現自己的視覺經驗之際卻是「徘徊於現實與奇幻之中」。



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