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New Asia College Library Exhibition Archive 新亞書院圖書館展覽庫

Title: 2017-2018 ‘Literary CUHK’ Essay Competition - Exhibition of Best Entries
名稱: ​二零一七至二零一八年度「文學中大」徵文比賽得獎作品展覽
Date: 19 November - 14 December 2018 
日期: 2018年11月19日至12月14日
Statement: To raise the literacy level and cultural awareness of students, the Chinese Language Teaching Development Centre of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature (Chinese Department), The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) organised the third "Literary CUHK" essay competition. After nearly half a year of articles collection and review, we are pleased to announce that 24 participants were given the awards. 
Winners of this year’s competition included students, alumni and research students from different faculties and departments, proven that literature does not fixate with any particular school or faculty and belongs to every one who deeply connects with CUHK. The award-winning articles described the nature beauty of CUHK, the scenic landscape of Tolo Harbour, reflection towards self and society......Writers of the competition not only illustrated the beauty and culture of CUHK, but also expressed their personal thought throughout the form of literature.
簡介​: 香港中文大學(中大)中國語言及文學系(中文系)中國語文教學發展中心籌辦第三屆「文學中大」徵文比賽,旨在提倡校園創作風氣,鼓勵同學描寫校園內外所見山水或社區面貌,並從中提煉所思所感,把自己的人文思考化為筆下的論辯文字,把山城的人文關懷投向社會。  
經過長約半年的徵稿到評審,共有廿四位參賽者獲得獎項。得獎者包括來自不同學院系的學生、校友、研究生等,可見「文學」不專屬於某一個學系,而是屬於每一位對中大校園有感受的人。得獎作品包含了中大的草木、吐露港的山水、到人生的自省、對社會的反思 ……同學以創作描寫了中大的山水人文,亦以文學承載了個人的感悟。 

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