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New Asia College Library Exhibition Archive 新亞書院圖書館展覽庫

Title: Colon
名稱 都什麼時候了
Artist: Leung, Puiyi​
作者: 梁佩兒
Date: 9 – 20 December, 2019​
日期: 2019年12月9日至20日  
Statement: Forget all that can be forgotten, words that have long been silenced, will eventually be understood.
Living in the most mundane age, it slowly becomes the landscape of my life. Its reflection will surely fall upon the eternal stream under the bridge one day.

Leung Puiyi (b. 1996) majors in Fine Arts in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Specialising in Chinese Gongbi painting and oil painting, the artist seeks the possibilities within contemporary paintings by utilizing traditional skillset with contemporary expressions, thus connecting her own feelings and things observed from her daily life. The artist tries to show the natural aesthetic of things in our normal life through her works.
簡介:  「能忘的都忘了吧,能記得都不必記得,有些話太久沒說,也就懂了,你用儀式向自己獻祭,活在最普通的歲月裡,默默成為我此生的風景,有一天,倒映在奈何橋底,孟婆湯裡。」王家衛《花樣年華》


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