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New Asia College Library Exhibition Archive 新亞書院圖書館展覽庫

Exhibition Details

Title: ​"Wandering" (Joint Display)
名稱: 《等緊》(聯展)
Artists: Li Tsz Mei, Jess and Yeung Lok Yiu, Iris 
作者: 李芷媚及楊樂瑤
Date: 27 October – 6 November 2020
日期: 2020年10月27日至11月6日
Statement: Summer arrived so we went to swim.

Jess was born in 2000 on Earth, lives in Hong Kong. She always adores animals, mother nature, space, aliens and urban studies. Constantly wandering between wanted to have a doggie, but upset about the dog's living environment was so poor, not to keep a dog. She is studying at CUHK in Fine Arts. Her creation often spinning from painting, mixed media to installation and often gain inspiration by observing human behavior and human in urban society.

Iris was born in 1999 in Hong Kong. She loves herself the most. She doubted herself constantly throughout her study in university and tried to create works from that.

簡介: 因爲夏天到了,所以要去游水。


楊樂瑤(Iris):一九九九年生於香港, 最愛自己,於就學三年間不斷懷疑自己,且圍繞這種懷疑進行創作,嘗試解答自己並繼續發問。


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