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New Asia College Library Exhibition Archive 新亞書院圖書館展覽庫

Exhibition Details

Title: 90% new  (Joint Display)
名稱: 九成實用 (聯展)
Artists: Ling Sum Yi and Tse Hiu Lam
作者 : 寧琛頤及謝曉琳
Date: 4 – 15 March 2024  
日期 : 2024年3月4日至15日
Venue: New Asia College Ch'ien Mu Library
地點 : 新亞書院錢穆圖書館
Statement: "90% New'' - a local slang term often used in the second-hand market to describe something or a method that is highly practical, capable of functioning normally even after a period of time, and achieving a considerable level of effectiveness and practical value. In this exhibition, two artists, Ling Sum Yi and Tse Hiu Lam, play the roles of past tenants,transforming the exhibition venue into a common living unit, leaving behind various living traces and further renting the unit to next tenants. Two artists share their own stories in a new venue, trying to merge their homes and recreate them into an entirely new unit. Each item may appear as ordinary household stuff, but they are also telling two artists’ growing process and their thoughts about the individual, family, and society.

Ling Sum Yi (aka 032), born in 1997, grew up in Hong Kong and Korea, graduated from the School of Creative Media at City University of Hong Kong in 2022, majoring in New Media Art. 032 mainly uses graphic design, photography, and new media as mediums. Her inspirations mostly come from observations of society, herself, and surroundings. 032 believes that every idea has its value and meaning to express, and she is the one who turns ideas into creations. 032 is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Fine Art at the CUHK,while also conducting research on a biodiversity virtual museum at the School of Life Sciences of the CUHK.

Tse Hiu Lam received a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Visual Arts at HKBU in 2023. She is now studying a Master of Art (Fine Arts) at CUHK. Tse works in various mediums, and is notable for her interactive installations, video and environmental art. Relying on her experience and familiar environment, she focused on community art and the development of Hong Kong art. In her early creation, she used Solo exhibition "SIGH" to reflect on the influence of art and political conflicts, to find the difference between fact and reality, and to face the plight of reality. Solo exhibition “I'm o.k" is the experience of watching others; it is the living conditions of the grassroots and labor, and it explores the special relationship between people and society. The work examines the current social and cultural phenomena humorously to arouse public attention and reflect on the current situation. The recent interest looks at the relationships between "self," "emotion," and "family" and reflects on how art is a cognitive experience. Tse is one of the founders of the Star Fragments art group and community project Morning Hope and is also an independent curator. Tse has participated in various exhibitions such as “Sorry, I want to leave the Archipelago” Group exhibition in 2023, Round and Found Residency Program, 2021/22 General Education in Arts Program for Tertiary Students: A Date with Dogs, “Dialogue: Q&A” Group exhibition …

簡介 : 「九成實用」—常在二手市場出現的一個俚語,通常形容某件事物或方法的實用性極高,即使經過一段時間後仍能正常運作,達到相當程度的有效性和實用價值。是次展覽中,兩名藝術家寧琛頤和謝曉琳扮演上一手租客、將展覽場地變成一個居住單位,遺留各種「生活過」的痕跡後將單位出租予下位「新租客」。兩名藝術家將自身的故事在展覽空間交流,將各自的家合而為一並重組成一個全新單位。每件物品看似普通家居用品,實際上蘊藏著她們各自的成長過程;對個體、家庭及社會的想法。


謝曉琳,以不同媒介創作,其中以互動裝置、影像及環境藝術為主。憑藉自身的經驗和所熟悉的環境,專注於社區藝術及香港藝術發展,早期創作以《嘥氣》反思藝術與政治衝突的影響,尋找事實與現實之間的差異境況,面對現實的困境,《有少少痕”遮”》是旁觀他人的體驗,是對基層和勞動的生活狀況,探索人與社會之間特殊的存在關係。作品以幽默的方式審視現今社會文化現象,藉此引起公眾的關注和反思現今的狀況。近年重新思考「我」、「情緒」和「家庭」之關係,反思藝術如何作為一種認知的體驗。謝氏為星之碎片藝術團體及社區項目晨咁早的創辦人之一,亦為獨立策展人。曾參與藝術展覽及項目包括2023年《不好意思,我要退出群島啊》、《Round and Found 駐留計劃》、《2021/22 大專生藝術通識計劃(跨媒體)遇於犬丘》、《Dialogue: Q&A 》⋯


Exhibition Details

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