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Title: Muses & Millinery: Re-imaging Hats for the Modern Chinese Ladies, 1925-1945 (Solo Display)​
名稱: 繆斯和女帽:構想1925-1945民國時代摩登女帽藝術展 (個展)
Artist: Chan Hiu Laam Serena   
作者: 陳曉嵐
Date: 12-23 April 2021
日期: 2021年4月12日至23日
Statement: “Muses & Millinery” illustrates the correlation between fantastic female beauty and the art of millinery.  As one of the most influential fashion accessories in history, millinery practice can be dated back to thousand years ago.  Not  only was it  able  to  reflect  the  style and  culture of a place,  but  it could  also reveal  personal aesthetics. This exhibition, therefore, aims to examine Chinese female beauty and identities by creating six millinery works, which simultaneously represented six stunning ladies over the course of the early 20th century. The designs of the millineries and the notion of “re-imagining” history will be introduced. It is hoped that the audiences’ experiences can be enriched through this innovative approach.
簡介: 是次展覽主題 「繆斯和女帽」五字旨在闡釋具影響力的女性與禮帽藝術之間的關聯。作為歷史上不可或缺的時尚配飾,其製作方法可追溯到數千年前,具深厚價值。禮帽不僅能反映一個地方的風格與文化,更可呈現個人審美觀。展覽希望透過為民國時代的六位「摩登」女性重新構想、設計屬於她們的 高級禮帽,讓觀眾以嶄新、中西融合的角度想像傳統文化之美,繼而提升大衆對中國歷史的認識,拉近和藝術之間的距離。


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