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New Asia College Library Exhibition Archive 新亞書院圖書館展覽庫

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Title: Isaac Fok and Adrian Hon Double Show : NEW ASIA LIBRARY THE MOVIE (Double Display) 
名稱: 霍曉揚、韓己仁 雙個展 : 新亞圖書館 劇場版  (聯展) 
Artists: Fok Hill Young, Isaac and Hon Kei Yan, Adrian  
作者: 霍曉揚及韓己仁
Date: 30 August – 10 September 2021
日期: 2021年8月30日至9月10日
Statement: Hon Kei Yan, Adrian
I am a migraine sufferer.  My creation mainly revolves around threatened visual disturbances caused by neurovascular disorders, including hemianopia, visual snow, and other visions, trying to capture the instability of patients.  Trying to reproduce it with violence and resisting. This kind of creation has become the artificial benefit of among my patients. I know exactly what I need from Visual snow.  Intentionally or unintentionally, the snowflakes are cancelled out in the LCD. I would rather live under the belonging of others, believing that a second is a miscalculation that crosses the world line.  When preparing my own physical body, the unique otakus cruelty of rebirth in another world was polished. May there be more anime in the world and the world will no longer be lonely. 

Fok Hill Young, Isaac
The world is full of countless otakus. Although society regards them as shameless scum, through the anonymity of the Internet, they transcend culture, race, and gender to express what they like freely. Anime tittes is a phenomenon that symbolizes this culture. Divorced from society’s guilt for otaku culture and the reigning culture’s forcible social shaping of the new generation. On a day human beings can speak freely and understand each other aside all kinds of contradictions and oppressions that will be the day when human beings can finally welcome the glorious freedom.

簡介: 韓己仁
我是一位偏頭痛患者。創作主要圍繞因神經血管紊亂所導致的先兆性視覺障礙,包括偏盲,雪花眼等幻視,嘗試捕捉病患中的不安定性。嘗試以暴力再現它,進行抵抗,這類創作成為我病患中自制的好處,我清楚知道我從Visual snow中需要什麼。而有意無意的,在液晶顯示器中雪花被抵消掉,我更願活在這份別人的歸屬下,相信下一秒是越過世界綫的誤算。在準備自己的肉身時,異世界轉生這份宅獨有的殘酷被打磨,願世界有更多anime,世界不再孤獨。
世界裏佈滿無數宅男宅女。雖然社會視他們為毫無廉恥的敗類,他們在網絡的庇護下超越文化、種族和性別打壓, 暢所欲言自己的熱誠。Anime tittes 是象徵着這文化的一大現象。脫離現實社會對動漫的罪疚感和舊文化對新世代的強行社會塑造。我認為當有一天人類可以暢所欲言,拋開種種矛盾互相理解的時候,那就是人類迎接自由光輝的日子


Exhibition Details

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