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Law Database Guides: Chinese Law Database Comparison Guide

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A Brief Comparison of Major Chinese Law Databases (Available from law databases page)

Database (北大法寶)

Westlaw China 万律

(merged with iSinoLaw

 from 14 Feb 2012)

LexisNexis China Online





(Chinese & English in separate sites)


(Chinese & English)


(Chinese & English)


(Chinese & English)



Scope &



  • Laws & Regulations from the PRC since 1949
  • Cases
  • Journals (163 journals in Chinese & 5 in English)
  • White Papers
  • Tax Treaties
  • Practice Areas
  • Videos
  • Legal News
  • Criminal Law
  • Documents by people’s procuratorates
  • Laws & Regulations from the PRC since 1949
  • Full case judgments ( in Chinese only) , Case Headnotes
  • Legal Topics
  • Journals (8 journals and 2 books in Chinese & 4 journals and 6 books in English)
  • Model Contracts, Articles, Current Awareness, Practice Areas, Legal Glossary, Legal News
  • Laws & regulations from the PRC since 1949
  • Cases (Written judgments, Case summary)
  • Expert Analysis (Newsletters, Articles, Q&A) , Practical Materials, Legal News
  • Practice Modules: Corporate, Employment, Energy, Investment, IP & Tax
  • Laws & regulations from the PRC since 1949, and all ordinances of Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong court decisions from 1877-present
  • 238 cases decided by the UK Privy Council, and 100,000 UK court judgments
  • More than 60 ebooks covering a broad range of topics in China
  • Three journals – Tan Pan, ChinaTaxIntellgience, and China Staff
  • News trackers on legal and tax updates
  • Laws & Regulations from the PRC since 1949
  • Cases
  • Contract Precedents, WTO Documents, Judicial Statistics,
  • Index to PRC and international legal works, Legal News
  • English translation to selected laws and regulations, and contract precedents


  • Provides links to relevant information on laws and regulations
  • Provides the enactment history of laws and regulations
  • The content of Chinese site and English site is different, ie less translated content
  • Provide links to relevant information on laws and regulations
  • Status icons for laws and regulations
  • Case Headnotes with links to legal issues and full case in Chinese
  • Articles written by lawyers
  • Provides links to relevant information on laws and regulations with graphical presentation
  • Provides the comparison version of new and previous versions of laws & regulations
  • Articles written by lawyers
  • Provides Hong Kong Company Law Cases - the largest volume of reported cases focused solely on Company Law
  • Highly popular journal on negotiation, Tan Pan, is now online
  • Provides links to relevant information on laws and regulations
  • Provides a separate category on financial laws and regulations

Major Strengths

  • Comprehensive coverage of laws and regulations, judicial interpretations
  • With the English translation of the Guiding Cases
  • Comprehensive coverage of business and commercial primary and secondary legal materials
  • Frequent updates of Current Awareness content
  • Comprehensive coverage of business and commercial law materials arranged by subjects
  • Cases are updated twice every day
  • Both English and Chinese versions of the current and past legislations are available
  • The most comprehensive coverage of PRC cases compared with other PRC legal databases
  • Comprehensive coverage of contract precedents

Email Alerts/RSS Feeds

Free weekly email newsletter with legal news, and email alerts with the latest laws & regulations

Current Awareness categories, Laws & Regulations, Cases, Articles and News, are updated several times per day


Email alert services for each Practice Module, and email subscriptions to China Legal Review, Tax Special Weekly, and Employment Special

Email alert services on legislation, cases, commentaries, journals, and legal news (News Trackers)

RSS Feeds for the latest laws & regulations, and cases




China Legal Knowledge Integrated Database


China Journal Net






Taiwan Law Database


Chinese Chinese Chinese Chinese



  • Laws & Regulations from the PRC
  • Cases from 1979 to Present
  • Dissertations and papers from 1979 to Present

197 law related journals under Politics, Military & Law category


Major sub-databases include:

  • PRC Laws and Regulations


  • PRC Economic News


  • PRC Statistics


  • PRC Business Reports


  • PRC Listing Companies News (中國上市公司文獻庫)
  • Index & selected full text of Taiwan and PRC law journals
  • Index to Taiwan and PRC dissertations
  • Taiwan’s frequently used laws and regulations
  • Taiwan’s Cases
  • Law dictionary


- Includes links to relevant information about other CNKI databases, such as Master Degree Dissertation Database (中國優秀碩士學位論文全文數據庫), PhD Dissertation Database (中國博士學位論文全文數據庫) etc.

  • Includes links to relevant information about other CNKI databases, such as Master Degree Dissertation Database (中國優秀碩士學位論文全文數據庫), PhD Dissertation Database (中國博士學位論文全文數據庫) etc.
  • Daily news for 40 different industries
  • Laws & Regulations can be searched by industries
  • Includes Taiwan TSSCI core journals and PRC CSSCI core journals
  • Provides the content of the latest issue of selected Taiwan journals for easy browsing

Major Strengths

  • Provide cross search to related laws & regulations, cases and dissertation and papers in CNKI databases
  • Comprehensive coverage of PRC law journals 
  • Comprehensive and up-to-date statistics data for PRC
  • Wide coverage of PRC economic and business news
  • Comprehensive coverage of Taiwan’s journal articles and legal

Current Awareness Service


RSS Feeds available - Under Journal Guidance (期刊導航), select Law 法律 (法學、法律), RSS Feed is available under each law journal title

Monthly hot topics





WanFang Data. Chinese Dissertations Database
萬方數據. 中國學位論文庫

China Arbitration Database

China Law Express Online

Other Databases




Bilingual (Chinese & English)

- Lexis HK, WestlawNext and other international law databases such as

- AGIS Plus Text

- HeinOnline

- Kluwer Law Online

- Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals

- Index to Legal Periodicals and  Books Full Text

-    IntelliConnect

- Oxford Reports on International Law

- ProQuest

-    PLC (Practical Law)

Covers law journal articles on PRC,  Greater China or Asian Pacific region from an international law perspective.


Citation Style Guide

Luo, Wei  Proposed Legal Citation System (2nd ed.) Beijing, Beijing University Press 2013 (罗伟  法律文献引证注释规范 北京 (第二版), 北京大学出版社 2013)  




PRC Dissertations on legal topics from Chinese Phd and master degree candidates under Law


  • Laws & regulations on arbitration
  • Arbitral awards
  • ADR rules
  • Articles on arbitration
  • News on PRC and international arbitration
  • Daily news on Legal System, Company Law, Tax, Finance & Accounting, Labour Law, Trade & Commerce and Laws Specific to Particular Industries
  • Practice areas: foreign investment, intellectual property rights, financial rules, accounting, auditing, financial control & tax rules, trade & competition, corporate & business, outbound investment, state-owned assets, justice & arbitration, macro-economy.


  • Provides the number of being cited of the dissertation and the information of the materials which cited that dissertation
  • Provides Export function to various bibliographic management tools, such as RefWorks, EndNote etc.

Arbitration materials are arranged by subject, such as arbitration on construction intellectual property, investment, real property, sports etc.

Provides bilingual summaries to the  selected news with the links to the original sources which the full text may be in Chinese only

Major Strengths

  • Comprehensive coverage of dissertations on legal topics from PRC master degree candidates
  • Comprehensive coverage on PRC arbitration materials
  • Good English summaries on the selected news

Current Awareness Service