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Law Database Guides: Westlaw Asia

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Westlaw Asia

Westlaw has launched a new interface called Westlaw Asia. It is a single platform for searching Asian legal materials across multiple countries within a single search. It is an ideal tool for comparative law research, and a significant time saver.

Please note: Westlaw HK and Westlaw International have been officially replaced by Westlaw Asia and Westlaw Next respectively since December 31st, 2015.

From the Databases page on the Library homepage, select Westlaw Asia.

Search HK and UK legal materials in Westlaw Asia. Go to Westlaw Next to search Australia, Canada, U.S., E.U. and international legal materials.

1. Search across material types, such as HK Cases, HK Legislation, HK Commentary, HK Current Awareness, HK Journal articles and UK materials by using connectors, e.g AND, OR, “ “.                                  

2. Select (a) jurisdiction(s).                                                                                                                                                                                    

3. Enter your search term(s) with/without operator(s).

4. Click Natural Language to use natural language to search.

5. Click on Westlaw Next link at the top of the screen to access Australia, Canada, U.S., EU legal materials and legal journals.

6. Click Commentary tab and/or ProView tab for ebooks.


To read ProView ebooks on Westlaw Asia, please do the following:

1. Click ProView tab

2. Click “Take me to my ProView Digital Library”

3.Check off “Web Browser” box

4. Check off “Access by IP” box

5. You can select “Remember MyChoice” – you will not be asked to check off the boxes again

6. Click “Launch ProView”

7. Click on an ebook cover for reading full text.


Connector Symbol Retrieves
AND & (or a space) Search terms in the same document:
trade & mark & registration
OR or Either search term or both:
car or automobile
Phrase " " Search terms appearing in the same order as in the quotation marks:
"fiduciary duty"

Grammatical Connectors

/s Search terms in the same sentence:
nuisance /s smell
  /p Search terms in the same paragraph:
hearsay /p admissibility
  +s The first term preceding the second within the same sentence:
burden +s proof
  +p The first term preceding the second within the same paragraph:
right +p counsel
Numerical Connectors /n Search terms within "n" terms of each other (where "n" is a number):
person /3 jurisdiction
  +n The first term preceding the second by "n" terms (where "n" is a number):
capital +3 punishment
BUT NOT % Documents not containing the term or terms following the % symbol:
taxation % income
Use the % connector with caution; it may cause relevant documents to be excluded from your search result

To watch Westlaw Asia training videos, please click here.