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Law Database Guides: HeinOnline

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HeinOnline is an image-based collection of full text legal periodicals. It covers from the inception of each publication. It plans to expand its coverage to include all indexed legal periodicals from their first issue to the present.

SELECT HeinOnline:
From the Databases page on the Library homepage, select HeinOnline.

Basic Search to the Whole Collection

You can enter a word or phrase under Full Text Search to search all subscribed collections. Enter one or more words in the open box. Click Search to start searching.

Advanced Search the Whole Collection
The Advanced Search screen offers more ways to search authors, titles, keywords and offers Boolean searching.

  1. Type your search term in the first text box. You can choose Title, Author or Full Text to search.
  2. If you don't need a second search term, press Search.
  3. To include a second search term, choose and, or, not for your Boolean operator.
  4. Type your search term in the second text box and choose Title, Author or Full Text to search.
  5. If you don't need a third search term, press Search, to include a third search term, repeat step 1 & 3.
  6. Choose the dates if you want.

Browse Collections
Select a collection to search from the welcome page. You may browse the collections by Category or by Name.


Browse within Collections

Some collections may allow you to browse publications by Title, Country, Subject, Most-Cited and/or alphabetical order.

Viewing Your Search Results

The results page lists all articles that include your search terms. Some of the them tell you which page has your search terms. You can also see how many a particular article has been cited and accessed. HeinOnline allows you to download articles directly on the results page without going into individual records.  

After clicking/opening a particular article title, you can read the full text of the article along with other articles within the same issue of the publication.

To watch a video on how to search on HeinOnline, please click here.