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How to Use the MakerSpace Facilities and Services: UV Printer

JF240UV Printer

DescriptionThe GCC JF-240UV Flatbed Printer comes with high throughput, standard dual-UV LED lamps, 1-liter bulk ink, four colors CMYK, and optional Varnish and White color that offer outstanding printing quality for short runs and on-demand printing. 

Eligible UsersCUHK students and staff


Reservation MethodReserve a time slot at  Online Booking System from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday to Friday. A maximum of 2 hours per day.

First-time users MUST undertake basic training and pass the Safety Test.


Printing Method: On-demand Piezo head

Print Head: UV printing dedicated printhead, 4pl

Printing Area (W x L): 609.6 x 508 mm

Max. Media Size (W x L x H): Size: 650 x 550 x 300 mm  Weight: Less than 15 kg

Dimensions  (W x L x H): 1760 x 1160 x 1140 mm

Speed: 5.78 m²/hr

Printing resolutions: 1440 x 720dpi、1440 x 1440dpi

Distance Accuracy – When printing: Error of less than +-0.3% of distance traveled, or+-0.3mm (0.01 inch), whichever is greater

Interface: Ethernet 1000BASE-T

Control Panel: Touch Screen

More Information:


Material Charge


3 mm thickness

$20 (300 x 450mm)


6 mm thickness

$20 (300 x 450mm)



1.5mm thickness

$25 (300 x 400mm)


3 mm thickness

$25 (300 x 400mm)

$50 (400 x 600mm)

Basic Charge $ 20 (Use own materials)



  • Bring along the ai file saved on a USB thumb drive/online and place the request for using the UV printer. 
  • Vector graphics software Adobe Illustrator is recommended for artwork creation.  The format (ai) is supported by the library.
  • Library staff will check the file whether it is appropriate for processing or not.
  • Save all Adobe Illustrator files in Adobe Illustrator CC (2020) format to avoid file conflict.
  • Users who bring their own materials for the UV printing must be approved by MakerSpace library staff. 
  • More details will be provided later.


  • While the UV printer is operating, be aware of its status and you must not leave it unattended.


Booking for UV Printer