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How to Use the MakerSpace Facilities and Services: Laser Cutter

LaserPro Spirit GLS Hybrid

Description: The GCC LaserPro Spirit GLS is the flagship model of the award winning GCC LaserPro Spirit line of laser engravers. 

Eligible UsersCUHK students and staff

Reservation Method: Reserve a time slot at Learning Garden HelpDesk during 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday. A maximum of 2 hours per day.  First-time users MUST undertake a basic training and pass the Safety Test.

Main Functions: Cutting, Engraving


Work Area: 640 mm x 460 mm (Extendable to 740 x 460 mm)

Max. Part Size (W x L x H): All doors closed 762 x 482.6 x 165 mm ; All doors open (762 x ∞ x 165 mm

Table Size: 790 x 530 mm

Dimensions  (W x L x H): 1125 x 720 x 1005 mm

Laser Source: 12 to 100W 10.6-μm sealed CO2 Laser /20W & 60W 9.3-μm sealed CO2Laser

Cooling: Air-cooled, Operating environment temperature 15o - 30oC (60o - 86oF)

Drive: Closed-loop DC Servo control

Maximum Motor Speed: 60 IPS

Engraving capability: 256-level gray scale image processing capability

Computer Interface: 10 Base-T Ethernet, Full speed 2.0 USB

Compatible Operating Systems: MS Windows

Safety: Class I Laser Product Compliant  with EN60825, Class II Laser Product Compliant with CDRH, 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive Compliance, Class 4 Laser Product Compliant with CDRH with the optional pass-through door module


More Information: 

Material Charge

Basic Charge HK$20 per 30 mins
Material Charge Cardboard: HK$5
  Acrylic (2mm): HK$25
  MDF (3mm): HK$10


  • Bring along the ai file saved on a USB thumb drive/online and place the request.
  • Vector graphics software Adobe Illustrator is recommended for artwork creation.  The format (ai) is supported by the library.
  • Please follow the recommended file specifications for Adobe Illustrator below:
    • Colour mode: RGB
    • Margins: leave at least 5mm margins from all edges of the artwork
    • Stroke weight for cut lines: 0.1 pt
    • Convert all text to outlines firest
    • Include all linked files when you save your file
    • The driver can only handle one artwork per job
    • Avoid duplicated paths stacking on each other or the same path will be cut multiple times
  • Library staff will check the file whether it is appropriated for processing or not.
  • Material sold by the Library should be used for laser cutting / engraving only.


  • You must wear laser goggles for extra protection of your eyes.
  • While the laser cutter is operating, be aware of its status and you must not leave it unattended.