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How to Use the MakerSpace Facilities and Services: How to Submit 3D Print Request

How can I submit a print request?

Submit Print Request

  1. Bring complete build model(s) in STL format on a flash drive to the Learning Garden Help Desk during service hours.
  2. Each request can print a maximum of 3 models provided that the total size of model does not exceed the maximum build size of the 3D printer.
  3. Staff will ask what build size, density and layer thickness needed for the 3D model. They will verify your model(s) and complete a 3D Print Request form with print charge and time for you.
  4. Staff will add your print file to the printing queue and estimate the pickup time for you. If there is a high demand of print requests, the Library may group multiple print files together and schedule one print per day.
  5. Staff will complete a cost slip with print charge for you. Bring the slip and pay the print charge at the circulation counter on G/F of the University Library. Circulation counter will issue a receipt to you.
  6. Return the receipt to the Help Desk for collecting your printed object(s).

3D Printing Online Submit

For 3D printing submission. Please submit your 3D printing requests to us via the following online form.

Eligible Users: Current CUHK students and staff

Collect Your Print Object

Collect Printed Object

Printed object(s) must be picked up within 7 days during service hours. You must present your CU Link card, the user copy of the print request form and the receipt to the Help Desk in person for collecting your printed object(s).

Remove Support Materials (For Up Mini 2, FormLabs) 

A toolkit, including clamp, gloves, forceps & putty knife, can be borrowed at the Help Desk to cleanly remove rafts and support materials of your printed objects.

3D Printing Service 3D列印服務

3D Printing Service 3D列印服務

Remove Support Materials (For UltiMaker S5, Stratasys J55 Prime)

The support material is PVA for UltiMaker S5 and WSS150 for Stratasys J55 Prime respectively. Both materials are water-soluble.
Simply soak the printing in tap water and wait until the support dissolves (the water becomes cloudy, may take up to a few hours).
For WSS150, once the water turns almost full white, refresh the water. Repeat the process every few hours, until the support is completely dissolved.
Stirring or soaking the model in warm water speeds up the dissolving process.