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How to Use the MakerSpace Facilities and Services: Embroidery Machine

Entrepreneur 6 Plus PR670E

Description: An industrial use embroidery machine with 6-Needle automatic needle threading system.

Eligible UsersCUHK students and staff

Reservation MethodReserve a time slot at Learning Garden HelpDesk during 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday. A maximum of 4 hours per day.   First-time users MUST undertake a basic training and pass the Safety Test.


  • No. of Needles: 6
  • Maximum embroidery area: 8" x 12" 
  • Maximum embroidery speed: 1000spm 
  • Needle Threading System: Automatic
  • Automatic Feed Thread Cutting: Yes
  • Built-in Embroidery Lettering Alphabet Fonts: 37

More Information:


Service charge: HK$0.01 per stitch


  • Bring along the ai file saved on a USB thumb drive/online and place the request.
  • The software PE Design 10 is available to use at one of the computer at the MakerSpace.
  • Several Cap Frames are available for use.
  • More details will be provided later