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Medical Database Guides: Lexicomp

How to Use Lexicomp Online

More training videos can be found here

Access Lexicomp

From the Databases page on the Library homepage, select Lexicomp Online.

Citing References


At the top main menu bar, the tab Calculators enables you to search extensive medical calculators from Lexicomp and EBMcalc.

  • You can look up calculator by entering keyword(s). 
  • The Browse Category drop-down menu can be used to browse a specific subset of calculators.
  • The full list of available calculators are shown in alphabetical order when selecting All under Browse Category 

Lexicomp Online

Lexicomp provides point-of-care drug information, including dosing, administration, warnings and precautions, as well as clinical content, such as clinical practice guidelines, IV compatibility from Trissel's 2 Clinical Pharmaceutics Database, and other tools.

Quick Search:

1. Type your search term in the search box to search across all monographs. Apart from drugs and medications, you can search for herbal products such as Dong Quai. 

2. You can also search content from the top menu bar. 

  • The tab Trissel's IV Compatibility allows you to search on compatibility information. Enter the IV drug name(s) or IV solution(s) to create a compatibility table. 
  • The tab Interactions is designed to identify potential drug-drug interactions, drug-allergy interactions, and duplicate therapy interactions. Enter the drug name(s) and known drug allergies to be analyzed. The interactions tool allows you to create a summary of interactions for medications (both prescription and over-the-counter), natural products, foods/alcohol, and allergies.  
  • The Drug I.D. tab allows you to search the drug by entering the known product characteristics, such as Imprint, Dosage Form, Shape, and Color. You may also search by Drug Name, Manufacturer/Labeler, or Identifier (NDC).

More Clinical Tools - Select More Clinical Tools from the main menu bar to access additional features available in Lexicomp.

  • Drug Comparisons allows you to compare up to four drugs across classes. Select Data View or Monograph View to compare the drugs. 
  • Lexi-Tox is a toxicology resource designed for point-of-care use in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of poisonings and drug overdoses. Select Toxicology and enter a drug name. You can exit Toxicology by clicking Leave Toxicology Mode at the top menu bar
  • UpToDate tab allows you to easily search the content in UpToDate. 

Viewing Your Search Results:

3. From the search result, the Outline provides a table-of-contents view of the available sections of the Monograph. Click the Expand All icon to expose all of the sub-sections at once. 

4. Select the tab to view the images of various dosage forms and patient education information of the drug.