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Medical Database Guides: PubMed



New PubMed Interface

Advanced Search Builder in PubMed


New PubMed Interface

Basic Search:

1. Enter your search terms and click "Search"

2. At the result list, you may sort the results by "Best match", "Most recent" or "Publication date"

3. You can make use of various filters to get more focused results.

4. You may save the selected items or all results in RIS, CSV, PMID etc formats for further manipulation.

5. Advanced search allows for more sophisticated search.

6. Enter the search term into "Query box" and click "Search".  Repeat this step for subsequent terms.

7. After all terms have been searched, click the  icon of each term and select appropriate boolean operator such as AND.

8. When all search terms have be added to the query box above, then click "Search"

For each record, you will find:

You will also find other useful information like links to "Similar articles", "Cited by" articles, "Associated data" etc.