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Academic Information Management System (AIMS): 4.2 Add Publication Records - Create Manually

Adding New Records Manually

If the research output records are not available for importing from external databases, you can create the record manually.

1. Click “Add New Content” on the upper right corner.


2. Click “Research Outputs”.


3. Select the default option “Manually Create”.



4. Click the expand icon next to a category to see the output types, mouse over the type to view its description. Select an appropriate output type.  



5. Change the research output type under the Research Output Category if needed.



6. Provide information for all mandatory fields marked with *. The hint texts can assist you to complete the record. You may also visit the AIMS FAQ for help.

7. Click “Save” or “Submit” at the bottom of the page when finish editing.



8. To submit a record, confirm the submission by selecting “Submitted” and “Done.” 


Do Not Input These Categories into AIMS

Non-CUHK affiliated publications

  • AIMS only accepts research outputs that are affiliated with CUHK. The system is used for generating reports by the University, any research outputs not affiliated with CUHK should not be listed. 

Teaching activities

  • Other outputs refer to any substantive output of original research not listed in the selectable research output categories; however, it does not include teaching-related activities. 
  • For teaching-related activities, please input them to the SPUS system.

Special items

The following research output types will be handled by ORKTS, you do not need to input into AIMS:

  1. Patents granted
  2. Licensing agreements 
  3. Assignments of intellectual property rights
  4. Companies
  5. Postgraduate research theses


Publishing Details

For Accepted/ Advance Online Publication:

  • Provide the Acceptance Date, select "Accepted" in the Publishing Status, and select "N/A" in the Census Period.
  • If the publication information is unavailable on the Internet, please upload an acceptance letter to "Additional Documents"



Please enter the title in the original language. 

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