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ORCID: AIMS Integration

ORCID and AIMS Integration

  Click the icon below to sign into your AIMS account


  Add your ORCID iD in your AIMS researcher profile


2.1 Click "People" on the left menu.


2.2 Click "Edit" under your name.


2.3 Add your ORCID iD in the "ORCiD" text box.


2.4 Click "Submit" at the bottom right-hand corner.


  Enable the Connection between ORCID and AIMS


3.1 Click your name at the upper right-hand corner and select "My Settings".


3.2 Click "Connect to your ORCID account"


3.3 At the pop-up window, Sign in to your ORCID account.


3.4 When the connection is established, you will see the message below.


Benefits of the integration

  Your ORCID iD will be shown on your researcher profile

The scope of CUHK Research Portal only includes research outputs that are affiliated with CUHK. If you wish to show your complete list of publications and funding grants, you may list them in your ORCID account and show your ORCID id on your researcher profile in CUHK Research Portal.


  You can easily import records from ORCID iD into AIMS

Your 16-digit ORCID iD will be stored in AIMS and automatically loaded in the search box when you select "Search with ORCID ID of selected person". You do not need to memorize and input your ORCID iD when using the import function from external data source into AIMS.



  Your ORCID account will be automatically updated

CUHK allows you to connect your ORCID to AIMS. The connection can keep your ORCID records updated. After the connection is completed, your new research output records in AIMS will be automatically sent to your ORCID account, once the status of a record in AIMS is changed from “Submitted” to “Validated” by the Library. For existing records with “Validated” status before the AIMS and ORCID connection, they will not be automatically sent to your ORCID account. Please establish your AIMS and ORCID connection as soon as possible to take advantage of the auto-update function.

There is no automatic way to send your existing records with “Validated” status in AIMS to ORCID. However, you may do so manually. Please see "Tips on adding Works" tab for details.

We are working with the vendor of AIMS to provide a solution. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.