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What is AIMS?

The Academic Information Management System (AIMS) of the CUHK is an one-stop platform for managing research information, and it is integrated with the University's administrative systems for data exchange. AIMS also provides an institutional repository, CUHK Research Portal to make the University's research outputs publicly accessible. The Publication Module of AIMS, together with the Research Portal, was launched in  Dec 2016 and the research output records inputted to the previous Online Publication Input System (OPIS) were migrated to AIMS.

This Library Guide focuses on how to input research output records to the Publication Module of AIMS. To learn more about AIMS, please visit its website.  


1 Access to your AIMS

About your AIMS account and how to log in.


3 Check Duplicates

Your publication records may already be inputted into AIMS by your CUHK co-authors. In this case, you do not need to create another record in AIMS for the same publication. 

You may use the filter or search box to check duplicates.

5 Set Alerts in Web of Science

5 Set Alerts in Web of Science

You will be notified when a new publication is added to the database. 


7 Edit Records after Submission

You can still edit the records after submission. 


2 Update Researcher Profiles

Your AIMS account also provides a researcher profile.


4 Add Publication Records

There are three ways to create a new record.

1. Import from external databases (Web of Science (Service Unavailable), Scopus, PubMed, and ORCID). 2. Create manually. 3. Import from files (Bibtex or Endnote format). 


6 Open Access

You may upload the full text of your article in AIMS.


The CUHK Research Portal

Once the record status has been changed to "validate", the record will be publicly visible in the Research Portal. 

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The CUHK Research Portal