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Academic Information Management System (AIMS): 3 Check Duplicates

Input CUHK Associated Author(s)

Co-authored publications with more than one CUHK author must be inputted once only. If your CUHK co-author has already entered the publication record into AIMS and added your name to it, the record will be shown in your AIMS profile. Hence you do not need to input the record again. 

The name of CUHK co-author(s) can be inputted under the section “Input CUHK Associated Author(s).”

  • The section is a mandatory field.
  • Click the add icon to search and add the name of CUHK co-author(s).
  • If you found the author has two records associating with different departments/ institutions, only add the primary affiliation. 
  • Please follow the hint instructions to search for authors.


Checki if your name has been added to a publication record

The filter function allows you to search for records in your AIMS account.

1. Click “Research Outputs” from the Dashboard.

2. Click “Filter”.

3. Choose a search field and enter keywords. If multiple search criteria are needed, click the Add icon on the left to add.

You will see your records in the result list. 

Checking if a publication has been added to AIMS

The search function will find all records in AIMS with both submitted and validated status.

1. Click on the search icon. 


2. Enter a publication name in the search box and press enter.


3. Select the record of interest.


You cannot edit records that are not in your profile. If you want to add additional CUHK co-authors to such records, please send your request and the record’s URL to