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Medical Database Guides: Lexicomp

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How to Use Lexicomp Online

Lexicomp Online

Lexicomp provides point-of-care drug information, including dosing, administration, warnings and precautions, as well as clinical content, such as clinical practice guidelines, IV compatibility from Trissel's 2 Clinical Pharmaceutics Database, and other tools.

Select Lexicomp:

From the Databases page on the Library homepage, select Lexicomp Online.

Quick Search:

1. Type your search text in the open box to search across all monographs.

2. You can find more clinical tools from here.

Viewing Your Search Results:

3. Select to access specific section of monograph from the drop-down menu.

4. Select the tab to view the images and patient education information of the drug.

Additional Modules:

You can access other modules of Lexicomp from the the top menu.  There are also training videos.