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Online Guide for Law Students: References

Begin your legal studies and research with our comprehensive resources!

Legal Encyclopedia

A legal encyclopedia is a comprehensive reference work that outlines the fundamental principles and concepts in every area of law. It serves as a valuable starting point for researchers who are exploring an unfamiliar legal area and need a solid foundation of knowledge to build upon.

Halsbury's Laws of Hong Kong is a comprehensive legal encyclopedia that provides a detailed and authoritative overview of the law in Hong Kong. It covers a wide range of legal topics, including constitutional law, criminal law, commercial law, etc. The encyclopedia is updated regularly to reflect changes in the law and legal practice in Hong Kong, ensuring that users have access to the most current and accurate information.

Here are the steps to access Halsbury's Laws of Hong Kong:

  1. Visit and log in to Lexis Advance® Hong Kong.
  2. Search for Halsbury's Laws of Hong Kong in the search box, or click on Halsbury's Laws of Hong Kong under Publications, then click on View Table of Contents.

Legal Dictionaries

A legal dictionary provides definitions and explanations of legal terms and concepts, which can be particularly useful for individuals who are new to the legal field, as well as for those who need to quickly and accurately understand the meaning of legal terminology.

Other Reference Resources

In addition to legal encyclopedias and dictionaries, there are many other reference resources that can be useful for legal researchers. Below are lists of some legal reference resources that you may find helpful in your legal research.

Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviation

A comprehensive list of legal abbreviations used in law reports, law journals, and other legal publications. 


Free legal citation index and links to freely accessible primary and secondary law sources.

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