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How to use LibrarySearch: New Functions/ Enhancements Highlight

Searching Exam Paper Using Course Code

In CUHK Exam Database, when you are using course code to search exam paper, the search result will include exam papers used in different classes in the same course. (i.e. searching CSC1110, the search result will include the exam papers used in CSC1110A, CSC1110B, CSC1110C etc.)

New Advanced Search Option - “Equals (Exact Phrase)”

The “equals (exact phrase)” option can be used for the Title, Author/creator, Subject (LCSH) searches. Users can use it to search for the exact match results. For example, if users search "William Shakespeare" as the author/creator, they can precisely search the results that contain "William Shakespeare" in the author field.

equals (exact phrase)

Record of Fines or Fees - Fine Type Filter

In My Library Record, the Fine+Fees page has been updated with a Fine Type Filter feature. Users can only use this feature if they have more than one type of fine record.

For users who have records of active fines and closed fines, the following filters are available:

  • All (Active and Closed)
  • Active Fines or Fees
  • Closed Fines or Fees

Fine Type Filter

Feedback Form

Feedback Form is available at the bottom-right corner on the Search Result page and Detail page, users can submit enquiry via the form directly.

Search Subject that is Created by CUHK Library

In Advanced Search, Subject (Others) search filter is added. Users can search for the subject that is created by CUHK Library.

"Starts With" Option for Call Number Searches

In Advanced Search, "starts with" option for Call Number searches enabled. Returns results that contain words that start with the specified string.

Reminder Message when Guests Add to My Favorites

Guest users will now receive a message reminding them to log in when adding selected items to My Favorites.

Barcode Search

Barcode Search is now available in Advanced Search interface:

Share Library Item Records to Social Media

The Share action is added to the Detail page to allow users to share records with other users using social media applications.

Export Citation Function Disclaimer

The Export Citation function disclaimer is highlighted in red to better remind users to check the accuracy of the generated citation.

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