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How to use LibrarySearch: FAQ


What is LibrarySearch?

LibrarySearch provides a single access point to find books, articles and other resources in the library subscribed e-resources and research databases. You are recommended to find subject-specific information directly on Library Databases.

Where to find my login credentials to log on to LibrarySearch?

Please go to this page for the details of your login credentials: What is my login ID and password for library services?

What is ReadingList/ Course Reserves?

ReadingList is a platform where you can find your course readings that are recommended by your course instructors. To find reading lists or course reserves on the ReadingList platform, simply make a search by using course title, course code or course instructor’s name. You may check the status and availability of the items on reserve for that course or access the full content of electronic version.

What is a "peer-reviewed" journal/ article?

Peer review is a process to guarantee academic standard and credibility of scholarly sources like books/ journals/ articles. They are examined and checked by another scientist or expert working in the same subject area before getting published. You can use the "Peer-reviewed Journals" filter when you want to limit to peer-reviewed sources in your searches.

What are "Search operators"?

Search operators are a set of commands that can help you to broaden or narrow your search results. You can create a complex search by using multiple search fields connected by a search operator. It is useful when you need to find information on a specific topic with multiple key concepts.

How can I find e-books/ print books, e-journals/ print journals that are subscribed or held by the Library?

If you are looking for e-books/ print books, e-journals/ print journals, you may apply the following filters under the "Refine my results" panel on the search results page

E-books:   under "Availability"   +     under "Resource Type"
Print books:   under "Availability"   +     under "Resource Type"
E-journals:   under "Availability"   +     under "Resource Type"
Print journals:   under "Availability"   +      under "Resource Type"

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