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Western History & Civilization: Quick Guide

Quick Guide

Follow these classification numbers on the shelves to find information on:

Major Subject LC Class
Babylon Civilization DS70.5 - DS71
Ancient Mediterranean Civilization: Egypt, Greece and Rome Ancient Egypt to 332 B.C. DT56.8 - 70
Greco-Roman Civilization DE1 - 100
      Ancient Greece. Aegean Civilization to 146 B.C. DF10 - 289
      Ancient Italy. Rome to 476 A.D. DG11 - 365
History of Civilization CB3 - 482
      Western Civilization CB245
      Ancient CB311
      Medieval CB351 - 355
      Modern CB357 - 425
         Ancient influence CB358
         17th century CB401
         18th century CB411
         19th century CB415 - 417
         20th century CB425 - 430
      Early Modern Europe CB, D
         History -- 1492-1648
         History -- 1648-1789
         Civilization -- 16th century
         Civilization -- 17th century
         Civilization -- 18th century
Historiography D13
French Historiography DC36.9
Greek Historiography DE, DF
Mediterranean Region DE
Ottoman Empire DR338-DR486
Roman Historiography DE, DF

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