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Hong Kong Studies: Quick Guide

Major Subjects

Follow these classification numbers on the shelves of Hong Kong Studies and Hong Kong Government Documents Collections to find information on:

Major Subjects LC Class
General (Yearbooks, Almanacs, Directories) A (AY)
Philosophy, Psychology, Religion (Taoism, Buddhism, Christianity) B (BL, BQ, BR - BX)
Genealogy, Biography CS, CT
History of Hong Kong DS796.H7 – H797
Geography (Maps of Hong Kong) G (G2308.H45)
Environment, Anthropology, Folklore, Recreation GE, GN, GR, GV
Statistics, Economic theory HA, HB
      Price, Income HB221 - 236, HB522 - 715
      Population HB848 - 3697
      Economy (Economy of Hong Kong) HC (HC428.H6)
Industries. Land use. Labour HD
      Cost & Standard of Living HD6977 - 7080
      Housing HD7291 - 7390
      Housing Policy
      Hong Kong Housing Authority
      Hong Kong Housing Society
Transport & Communication HE
Commerce, Finance, Public Finance HF, HG, HJ
Sociology, Family, Marriage & Women HM, HQ1 - 2044
Social Pathology, Social Welfare HV
Public Administration JQ1499 - 1749
Law of Hong Kong KNR
Education (Primary, Secondary & Higher Education) L (LB)
      School Annual Reports LG51 - 53
Music, Fine Arts M, N
Lang. & Lit. (HK Authors' Chinese literary works) PL (PL3032.H6)
Literature (Drama) PN (PN1600 - 3307)
Motion Pictures PN1993.5.H6
Science, Agriculture, Technology Q, S, T