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In this guide we introduce the Universities Service Centre (USC) for China Studies Collection (中國研究服務中心特藏) and the materials you can find in this collection. We provide information on how to use the LibrarySearch for an easy retrieval of USC material and how to use the USC classification and call number system to find material on the shelf.

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New Titles (Highlights)

New Databases and Trials

  • 中國歷史文獻總庫. 紅色文獻數據庫 = China Revolution Literature Database
    “紅色文獻資料庫”是“中國歷史文獻總庫”的一個專題庫,由中國國家圖書館出版社開發完成,文獻來源以國家圖書館的館藏為主,廣泛整合海內外收藏的1949年前的紅色書報刊文獻,並進行系統發佈。 資料庫包含圖書、期刊、報紙三大版塊,其中一期上線的紅色圖書6300餘種,紅色期刊100餘種,紅色報紙50餘種。 上線文獻總量超過100萬頁。

USC for China Studies Collection

Highlights of USC Collection

The Universities Service Centre for China Studies (USC) Collection is dedicated to making information and data on post-1949 China available with a special focus on regional and local data.

  • Newspapers 報紙, including regional, nationwide, topic related newspapers
  • Yearbooks 年鑒, including statistical yearbooks
  • Local Gazetteers 地方志, including provincial, city, county, township and village gazetteers, as well as volumes on special topics
  • CCP organizational history material 組織史資料, on all administrative levels
  • Census material 普查資料, such as population census, economy census, industry census, agriculture census as well as the place name census
  • Folk history 民間歷史 collection with published memoirs and biographies as well as collections of letters, diaries, and photographs
  • Periodicals 期刊 (Chinese and English)
  • Book publications 書籍 (Chinese and English)
  • Documentaries 紀錄片
  • Miscellaneous material (please contact USC library staff)

Electronic Resources of USC Collection

Modern China Studies Librarian

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Miriam Seeger
Universities Service Centre for China Studies Collection, University Library (8/F and 9/F), The Chinese University of Hong Kong
(852) 39431521

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