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Open Science: Octopus

What is Octopus?

Octopus is a publication platform that promotes publication in smaller units to encourage meritocratic, effective, and collaborative scientific process. It accepts eight types of publications, namely (1) Problem, (2) Hypothesis/Theoretical Rationale, (3) Method/Protocol, (4) Data/Results, (5) Analysis, (6) Interpretation, (7) Translation/Application, (8) Review. In other words, you do not need to prepare your publication like a journal article. Instead, each publication unit has to be linked to other units to form a chain of work.

Why Octopus?

You can publish

  • All stages of your research process which cannot be published on their own under the traditional publishing model.
  • Open access with no cost.
  • With open peer review feedback and get credit.

How to Publish?

Please note that Octopus is a beta release under active development. 

For details on how to publish in the beta version, please visit HERE