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What is Open Science?

Open Science, also known as Open Scholarship or Open Research, refers to new practices of conducting research and disseminating research outputs. Open Science engenders new platforms, tools, and services to support the sharing of publications and all stages of the research cycle – methods, codes, data, peer reviews, and preprints. The sharing of research processes is curated and licensed under terms that enable reuse and redistribution.

Why Open Science?

Open Science transforms the landscape of scholarly communication, in which all stages of a research cycle are made transparent.

  • With an open access publishing model, journal articles and other research outputs are no longer behind a paywall and can reach a wider audience.
  • Pre-prints and peer reviews published on open platforms shorten the publication time and accelerate the pace of knowledge sharing.
  • Methods, datasets, lab notes, and software codes are made openly available; therefore research findings can be verified, replicated, and reused.

Open Science Tools & Platforms

Researchers can share their research activities and outputs generated throughout the research life cycle at different platforms:

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