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CUHK Research Data Repository: For Students

This Guide introduces the CUHK Research Data Repository.

For Students

If you are a CUHK student and would like to deposit datasets in the CUHK Research Data Repository, your supervisor has to create for you a personal folder inside his personal folder. He will assign you a role in your personal folder.  You can then manage your own personal folder.

How can I deposit a dataset in the CUHK Research Data Repository?

Students need to be granted rights by their supervisor in order to start working in the Repository.  Here are the steps:

1. You, as a student, should first to log into the Repository to create your account.

2. Your supervisor has to create for you a personal folder under his personal folder, like the hierarchy below.  He then should assign you a role in your personal folder.


3. Log into you account again.  You can see the folder(s) that you have managing rights under "My Data".  

View folders with assigned rights

When I log into my account, I could not add dataset to any folders. What can I do?

Students can only manage their datasets inside your supervisor's personal folder.  Please ask your supervisor to create for you a folder insider his folder and grant you a role insider his for your data management.

What can I do with the role that my supervisor grants me?

If you are given the role You can Follow-Up Actions
Editor Prepare folders/datasets Your supervisor will publish the folders/datasets for you.
Publisher Add, edit, and publish folders/datasets  
Admin Grant roles to other users

Add, edit, and publish folders/datasets

I am graduating. What can I do with my data?

After your graduation, you will not be able to log into your student account for data management. 

If you would like the public to contact you concerning your published datasets/folders after your graduation, you may change the contact email of these datasets/folders to your personal email. 

If the contact email remains your CUHK email after you leave, the Research Data Team will take the enquiries about your datasets/folders after you leave.

I am a returning student. Can I manage the folders/datasets created by me before?

Yes, with the same student email account, you can manage the datasets/folders previously created by you.