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CUHK Research Data Repository: FAQ

This Guide introduces the CUHK Research Data Repository.

Who can work on the CUHK Research Data Repository?

All CUHK staff, students, and project email accounts can log into the Repository.

If you are a full-time and fractional research or teaching staff, you can create a personal folder in your department folder for data deposit. You can also grant a role to your colleagues, students, or project email accounts for working in your personal folder.

If you work for a research or teaching staff, they can grant you a role to work in their folders.

If you are a student, your supervisor can grant you a role to work in his personal folders.

Where in the Repository should I deposit my data?

If you are a research or teaching staff, you should create a personal folder under your department folder. You can then deposit your dataset inside your personal folder.

If you are a student, your supervisor should create for you a personal folder inside his folder and assign a role to you on this folder. You can deposit your datasets inside your personal folder.

What should I do if I fail to upload my files?

It takes some time for large files to upload.  Please ensure that all files are uploaded (i.e. blue bars have disappeared) before you click "Save Dataset/Done".  

The maximum file size for uploading in the user interface is 3GB.  Please contact the the Research Data Team at for file upload if you have files greater than 3GB or encounter any technical difficulties.

My manuscript is still under peer review, but I am required to deposit the related dataset in a data repository. How can I protect my intellectual property?

You can deposit WITHOUT publishing your dataset in the CUHK Research Data Repository.  You can get a private link to share the unpublished dataset with your publisher for peer review.  You can publish your dataset only after your manuscripts are accepted for publications.

I am a CUHK alumni. Why can't I log into my account?

Only current staff, students, and project accounts could log into the CUHK Research Data Repository.  Graduating students are advised to manage your data before your student status expires. 

Should you need any support, please contact the Research Data Team at

What can I deposit in the Repository?

You can deposit data files in various types, e.g. text, audiovisual, code, discipline specific.  However, the Repository does not support files of these formats.

How can I customize my folder/dataset settings?

You can edit or customize your folder/dataset with the listed features in the "Edit" drop-down menu on your folder/dataset page. 

How can I assign rights to my colleagues or students for managing my folders/datasets?

You can assign an admin, a publisher, or an editor role to your colleagues/students for managing your folders/datasets.  Please refer to these steps for the details.

Can I delete my folder or dataset?

You can delete your empty folders and unpublished datasets.  However, published datasets cannot be deleted by users.  Therefore, please ensure a dataset is ready before publishing it.

I am asked to provide a DOI for my data.  What should I do?

When you deposit your dataset in the CUHK Research Data Repository, you are given a permanent DOI (Digital Object Identifier).  When you publish you dataset, the public can view your dataset directly with the DOI. 

DOI for the dataset