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CUHK Research Data Repository: For Teaching & Research Staff

This Guide introduces the CUHK Research Data Repository.

What can I do on the Repository if I am a research or teaching staff?

First, you have to create a personal folder under your department folder after you have log in.  

Then in your personal folder, you can:

I am a research or teaching staff. Why couldn't I find my rights to work in my department folder?

Only full-time and fractional research and teaching staff are granted rights to manage data/folder in the Repository.  If you are not full-time or fractional staff but would like to have data management rights, you can make an application for rights with the following form and submit it with the approval from the faculty dean or department/unit head.  

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Research Data Team at

I am affiliated with a university-level research centre. Can I deposit my data directly under the research centre folder?

You have to first deposit your datasets in your personal folder under your department folder.  Then, you can link the datasets/folders to the university-level research centre folder.

Several of my colleagues in my department are in charge of a non-university level research centre. Can I create a folder on behalf of this research centre?

Sure!  You are welcome to create a folder for your research centre under your department folder.  Roles could be granted to all members involved.

I was a student and created some datasets/folders under my thesis supervisor's folder. I am now hired as a researcher/teaching staff. Can I have rights to manage the datasets/folders I created previously?

You have to contact your thesis supervisor to grant rights to your new staff account on the datasets/folders that you created previously.

Should you have any questions, please contact the Research Data Team at

What rights shall I grant to an administrative staff to support the management of my folders and datasets?

Depending on the rights you would like to grant to your colleagues, you can assign them an admin, a publisher, or a editor role, with the steps listed here.

Rights on Folder and Datasets Admin Publisher Editor
Permission Management Y    
Publish / Delete Y Y  
Add / Edit Y Y Y

My students would like to deposit data in the Repository. What do I need to do?

If your student has to deposit data, you have to:

  1. create your own personal folder under your department folder;
  2. create a folder for your student in your personal folder with this folder hierarchy;
  3. assign a role to your student to manage his folder and datasets.

I left CUHK from my previous research/teaching position before, and now come back to work again. Can I manage my datasets/folders again?

Yes, you can manage your datasets/folders which were previously created by you.

I am leaving CUHK. What can I do with my data?

After you leave CUHK, your datasets/folders will remain published on the Repository, but you will not be able to log in for data management

If you would like the public to contact you concerning your published datasets/folders after you leave, you may change the contact email at the metadatda of these datasets/folders to your personal email. 

If the contact email remains your CUHK email after you leave, the Research Data Team will take the enquiries about your datasets/folders after you leave.