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CUHK Research Data Repository: Sharing Data for Peer Review

This Guide introduces the CUHK Research Data Repository.

Getting a Private URL for Sharing

You can deposit WITHOUT publishing your dataset in the CUHK Research Data Repository.  You can get a private link to share with your publisher for peer review.

1. After you have deposited your dataset under your personal folder, click "Private URL" under "Edit Dataset" on the dataset page.

  Private URL

2. Click "Create Private URL" and a URL will be generated.  The URL allows someone to access to your unpublished dataset.

 Create private URL


3. If your publisher requests a DOI of your dataset, it is available in the dataset information box.

Dataset DOI


Publish the Dataset

When your manuscripts are accepted for publication, you have to publish your dataset to activate the DOI (Digital Object Identifier) of your dataset.

Unpublished datasets in the Repository for more than 6 months will be removed without advanced notice.