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CUHK Data Hack: Data Hack 2024

CUHK Data Hack 2024

About the Hackathon

We are pleased to invite all CUHK students and staff to join the Data Hack 2024 and pre-hackathon workshops.

Main Theme: Data Solutions for Social Good 

With reference to the following Sustainable Development Goals by United Nations:

SDG-3 SDG - 9 SDG - 11 SDG - 13

Date: 8 March 2024 (Fri) – 10 March 2024 (Sun)
Venue: University Library


  • Promoting innovation skills, including data and digital competency to CUHK students and staff
  • Enhancing multi-disciplinary and multi-dimensional collaboration among CUHK students and staff

Important Dates:

11 October 2023 (Wed) - Briefing Session of CUHK Data Hack 2024
October 2023 - early March 2024 - Pre-hackathon workshops
From 8 January 2024 - Registration (click to register)
8-10 March 2024 (Fri-Sun) - CUHK Data Hack 2024!
CUHK Data Hack 2024 Pre-hackathon workshops


Eligibility and Registration

We welcome CUHK students and staff to join the Data Hack 2024 in teams or as individuals. To join in teams, each group should have 3 to 5 members from both faculty groups 1 and 2:
Group 1: Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Social Science
Group 2: Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Science

Join now!

Individual participants will be teamed up during the Introduction Session.

Pre-hackathon workshops will be arranged for participants to get prepared for the Data Hack 2024 and/or learn new resources and skills.

Organizing Committee

Main Organizers:


Assessment Criteria and Judges

Assessment Criteria

1) Innovation and Originality (20%)

  • Uniqueness and novelty in addressing a specific societal or community issue
  • Inventive problem-solving approach involving novel applications and effective technology use
  • Integration of various resources or technologies, including the utilisation of provided datasets

2) Impact and Public Acceptance (30%)

  • Demonstration of substantial impact on industry, sector, society, accessibility, quality, and customer/citizen satisfaction
  • Promotion of public, market, or sectoral community awareness regarding the benefits and uses of the project
  • Consideration of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors in evaluating the project's sustainability and societal impact

3) Feasibility and Appropriate Use of Open Data Sets (30%)

  • Capacity to understand and meet stakeholders' needs through the analysis of relevant data
  • Ability to empower stakeholders to perform their roles effectively, with a focus on customer and citizen-centric solutions
  • Evidence of practical implementation potential
  • Simplicity of implementation
  • Solution's scalability and interoperability

4) Collaboration and Presentation (20%)

  • Demonstration of efforts in interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Demonstration of solution's reliability and stability
  • Adherence to quality standards as evidenced by external quality certifications or marks
  • Development of a user-friendly interface (if applicable)
  • Excellence in presentation skills

* All Teams MUST refer/use at least ONE data source (except those under Platform and Other Resources) in the Data Source page.  All the data sources being used and contribution of each team member must be indicated in the final presentation.




Team Prizes:

  • Champion: HKD8,000 of e-voucher
  • 1st Runner up: HKD5,000 of e-voucher
  • 2nd Runner up: HKD3,000 of e-voucher