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CUHK Data Hack: Data Hack 2023

About the Hackathon

We are pleased to invite all CUHK students and staff to join the Data Hack 2023 and pre-hackathon workshops.

Main Theme: Post-COVID-19 Opportunities: What People want to Do After the Pandemic 


  • Health and Ageing Issues 
  • Leisure, Retail and Tourism  
  • Media, Culture and Entertainment 
  • Financial Industry 

Date: 17 February 2023 (Fri) – 19 February 2023 (Sun)

Venue: InnoPort, CUHK


  • Promoting innovation skills, including data and digital competency to CUHK students and staff
  • Enhancing multi-disciplinary and multi-dimensional collaboration among CUHK students and staff


  • Within 48 hours, participants will apply knowledge and skills from what they have learnt in the pre-hackathon workshops about data mining to solve the current problem in the Post-COVID-19 era.  Working as teams, they shall:
  1. select one sub-theme among the four
  2. use the data sets provided by the organizer in their solution/actionable proposal
  3. conduct a group presentation on their solutions in Day 3

Eligibility and Registration

We welcome CUHK students and staff to join the Data Hack 2023 in teams or as individuals. To join in teams, each group should have 3 to 5 members and should comprise of students from both faculty groups 1 and 2:
Group 1: Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Social Science
Group 2: Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Science

Please register here

Pre-hackathon workshops are arranged for participants to get prepared for the Data Hack 2023 and/or learn new resources and skills.

Organizing Committee


Team Prizes (sponsored by the CUHK Library):

  • Champion: HKD5,000 of e-voucher
  • 1st Runner up: HKD3,000 of e-voucher
  • 2nd Runner up: HKD2,000 of e-voucher



Please email to or for enquiries.