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Journalism and Communication: HK Specific

Local Research Initiatives


The C-Centre, the Centre for Chinese Media and Comparative Communication Research, aims to contribute to the communication discipline by conducting frontline research on media in Greater China and comparative communication.

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image The Applied Communication Research Lab provides professional services for individuals and institutions doing research for academic, teaching, and commercial purposes in Hong Kong and outside.
image The Centre for Media and Communication Research (CMCR) coordinates research on media and communication within HKBU, across all the sub-disciplinary areas covered by the School.
image The Institute for Journalism and Society (IJS) provides a platform to integrate knowledge production, professional training, industry outreach and social participation in the field of journalism, in the face of the radical changes confronting the profession.
image Weiboscope is a Chinese social media data collection and visualisation project. One project objective, among many, is to make censored Sina Weibo posts of a selected group of Chinese microbloggers publicly accessible.
image HK Transparency Report promotes government accountability and the protection of personal privacy online by documenting and monitoring the extent to which the Hong Kong government requests user data from Internet Service Providers or demands the removal of content from ISPs.

eBook: The “Pop” Monographs Series

eBook: Hong Kong Society & Culture Series

Video On demand - Local TV Programs (On Campus Access)


RTHK Programs Highlights:


TVB Programs Highlights:

For more, please visit our guide on "Local TV Programme Collection" and watch the How-to video on "How to find the Local TV Programmes" by using LibrarySearch efficiently.


Local Newspaper in the Library

Apple Daily 蘋果日報

Print Copy / Call No: AN1.H6 P5


Hong Kong Economic Journal 信報財經新聞

Print Copy / Call No: AN1.H6 H73 


Hong Kong Economic Times 經濟日報

Print Copy / Call No: AN1.H6 C46


Kung Kao Po 公敎報

Print Copy / Call No: BX806.C5 K8


Ming Pao Daily News 明報

Print Copy / Call No: AN1.H6 M5


Oriental Daily News 東方日報

Print Copy / Call No: AN1.H6 T85


Ta Kung Pao 大公報

Print Copy / Call No: AN1.H6 T2


The Standard 英文虎報

Print Copy / Call No: AN1.H6 S73


The Sun 太陽報

Print Copy / Call No: AN1.H6 T3


South China Morning Post 南華早報

Print Copy / Call No: AN1.H6 S65


Wen Wei Po 文匯報

Print Copy / Call No: AN1.H6 W4