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Local TV Programme Collection: Quick Guide


All videos are licensed for viewing only by CUHK staff and students accessed within the campus network for educational purpose. Any public performance, other uses, or copying is strictly prohibited.

Any unauthorized downloading, duplication, reproduction, transmission, and storage in any formats of the videos or any part thereof would violate the copyright restrictions.

Please refer to the Guidelines for Compliance with the Copyright Laws in the Use of Print, Non-print and Electronic Materials in the CUHK Library and Library Regulation on observing the law on copyright and systematic or excessive downloading of electronic content for details.

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Follow these classification numbers on the shelves to find information on:

The following table lists the call number of VoDs of various Local TV Programme Collection categories in the Library.  

Please note: the table only lists out the major scope of particular categories. Other related VoDs provide by the Library need to be located via the LibrarySearch.

Arts in general NX1-820
Biography CT21-9999
     National biography CT210-3150
     Biography.  By subject CT3200-9999
Decorative arts NK1-(9990)
Economic history and conditions HC10-1085
History of Asia DS1-937
   China   DS701-799.9
           Hong Kong DS796.H7
History of education LA5-2396
Literature on music ML1-3930
Museums.  Collectors and collecting AM1-(501)
     By country AM10-100
Music M1-5000
Philology.  Linguistics P1‑1091
RecreationLeisure GV1‑1860
Social history and conditions.  Social problems.
     Social reform
Social pathology.  Social and public welfare
Sociology HM(1)-1281
     Culture HM621-656
Special aspects of education LC8-6691
     Types of education LC980-1099.5
Technology (General) T1-995
The Family.  Marriage.  Women HQ1-2044


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