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scite: Insight beyond citation counts

This workshop will discuss how the new citation tool, scite can help you:

•    Discover how articles are cited in the textual context of citation 
•    Analyze citations as supporting or contrasting evidence
•    Evaluate groups of articles with a custom dashboard
•    Find out how articles are being cited while reading online

Date & Time: 24 Feb 2023 (Fri), 10:00 – 11:00 a.m.
Speaker: Mr. Domenic Rosati, Researcher and Software Developer, scite
Medium of Instruction: English
Format: Online via Zoom
Registration: HERE

Access scite

  • Access scite HERE. If your IP address is outside the CUHK campus, you will be prompted to log in with your CUHK Onepass.
  • Register an account for the saved search and customization functions. 


What is scite?

scite helps you better understand a research publication by extracting how it has been cited and whether it has been supported, just mentioned, or contrasted by citing publications. Through Smart Citations, you see not only the number of citation counts but also the context in which citations take place. Moreover, you can easily check editorial notices of a publication, if any.

Why scite?

You can

  • Search a publication and see the contexts of how citing publications talk about it.
  • Check how many times a publication is supported or contrasted by citing publications.
  • Search a keyword and see what other researchers are saying about a topic and who the experts are.
  • Check the reference list in your manuscript to identify potential issues (e.g. retraction).