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Research and Study Skills

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As a university student, there are some basic survival techniques you needed to learn in order to make your time more efficient. Do you think you need more information resources for your research project? Or do you need some tips on how to deliver your presentation? This guide will point you to a range of information and links to relevant and useful sources. 

The University also offers extensive assistance to students to help them with their academic studies and general well being. Please explore the following:


Library Research Skills

Manage your research strategy, discover the essential information for starting out in research, and understand how the library organize information sources.

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Study Skills

Wondering where to find online resources to help you study more effectively?  What and where to look for the most relevant content?


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Exam Skills

Preparing yourself for exams? Read the tips and techniques that will help you to get a better score easier.

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Presentation Skills

Learn the principles to delivery a successful presentation, or refresh yourself with new presentation technologies.

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Time Management

Drafting your own To-Do List and make your time fruitful and productive.

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Library Support

Faculty Liaison Librarians can be reached by phone, email, or in person. You may also chat with us or leave WhatsApp message.


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