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General Study Skills: Life Skills

Life Skills

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Prof. James J. Heckman on "Life-Relevant Skills"

Date: 06.10.2016

Duration: 1 hour 29 mins 04 sec

Source: CUTV (


Interacting Across Cultures (IAC) - Home and Abroad

Interacting Across Cultures: Home and Abroad


“Interacting Across Cultures (IAC) - Home and Abroad”  is Ready Now!

The IAC series aims at enhancing students’ overall intercultural competence so that they can interact more effectively with people from different cultural backgrounds both on campus and beyond.  With 10 micro-modules covering Cultural Differences, Cultural Intelligence, Communication Styles, Goal Setting, Academic Interactions, Cultural Interactions in the Workplace, Cultural Shock & Other Obstacles, Welcome to HK Culture, and How to Make Sense of the Experience respectively, the IAC Series has something for every CUHK student – whether they are new to CUHK and Hong Kong, curious about their cultural intelligence level, preparing for an overseas exchange program, or getting ready for an internship in a multicultural corporation.  The last module in the IAC Series presents both staff and student voices about the best practices for intercultural success both as a student and a graduate!

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