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General Study Skills: Positive Psychology

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CUHK 24-hour Emotional Support Hotline

CUHK 24-hour Emotional Support Hotline


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Positive Psychology

About this course: This course discusses research findings in the field of positive psychology, conducted by Barbara Fredrickson and her colleagues. It also features practical applications of this science that you can put to use immediately to help you live a full and meaningful life.



Sunshine At CUHK -- Guided Imagery Videos

 Sunshine At CUHK -- Guided Imagery Videos

意象鬆弛法 – 森林篇:
Guided Imagery – Forest:
🌳 Walking through an imaginary forest through guided imagery and allowing yourself to relax.

意象鬆弛法 – 湖水篇:
Guided Imagery – Lake:
🏞️ Enjoying an imaginary lake view through guided imagery and finding your inner peace.

意象鬆弛法 – 山丘篇:
Guided Imagery – Mountain:
🌄 Hiking on an imaginary mountain through guided imagery and awakening your inner strength.

📽️ Other guided Imagery Videos on Sunshine At CUHK 中大有晴:

New course 'Live to Flourish: The Science and Practice of Positive Psychology'


TED Talk

Posted Jul 2008

Martin Seligman founded the field of positive psychology in 2000...directs the Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania, developing clinical tools and training the next generation of positive psychologists.


中大朋輩支援網絡 (uBuddies & uPals) 2024年度成員招募

中大朋輩支援網絡 (uBuddies & uPals) 2024年度成員招募

你希望構建一個健康、正向的中大校園嗎?學生事務處心理健康及輔導中心所舉辦的uBuddies朋輩輔導聯網及uPals心理健康推廣團隊現正招募新成員!如果你希望支持和幫助感到沮喪和困惑的同學,同時對籌辦活動及推廣心理健康感興趣,就立即報名加入我們吧!截止報名日期為2023年10月 6日(五)。

New Member Recruitment for CUHK Peer Support Network 2024 (uBuddies & uPals)

New Member Recruitment for CUHK Peer Support Network 2024 (uBuddies & uPals)

Do you wish to contribute to the wellness of CUHK students? uBuddies Peer Counselling Network and uPals Wellness Promotion Team organized by Wellness and Counselling Centre, Office of Student Affairs are now recruiting new members! If you wish to equip yourselves with helping skills to better support your peers, and have an interest in organizing activities and promoting mental wellness, you are most welcome to join us! The application deadline is 6 Oct 2023 (Fri).

Videos about uBuddies and uPals Programme