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Data Management Plan: Create a DMP

This guide introduces what a research data management plan (DMP) is, its content, the rationale of writing a DMP, and resources on DMP.

Create a Plan

After you sign into your account, you are popped to your dashboard. Click "Create plan" to start the creation of your DMP.

Create DMP


Input the project title and select the primary funding organization, if available from DMPTool. Click "Create plan". The template of the primary funding organization will be used for creating your DMP.    

Input plan details


You may check "No funder associated with this plan or my funder is not listed" for more templates provided by the CUHK Library.  

Select "No funder associated with this plan or my funder is not listed" for more templates


If your funder's template is not available, it is recommended to use the Digital Curation Centre (DCC) template or a template offered by a funder of your research field. 

Select other template when your funder's template is not available


If you would like the template of your funding agencies to be available on DMPTool, please contact the Library at

Project Details

Under the "Project Details" tab, you may input the details of your project.

You may choose from the full list under "Select Guidance" for guidance provided by institutions of your own choice. The selected guidance will be shown under the "Write Plan" tab.

Select Guidance


Guidance is shown under "Write Plan" tab:​​​​Guidance shown

Research Outputs

To prepare linking your DMP to your research output(s) in the future, you can list your anticipated research output(s) by clicking "Add a research output" button under the "Research Outputs" tab.

Add a research output


Fill in details about your research output in the following page.

New research output


The range of anticipated research output is wide.

Research output types


You can click "Add a repository" to link the DMP to the repositories where your research outputs are going to be deposited. When the CUHK Research Data Repository is ready, it will also be added to the list.

Add a repository


You may initially assign a license to your research outputs.

Licenses of Research Output


Under "Collaborators", you can add the details of contributors and invite collaborators. 

Add details of contributors and invite collaborators


Information of multiple contributors could be added.  It could include data manager, principal investigator, and project administrator.

Edit Contributor


Keeping a good record of ORCID here can facilitate the DMPs to be associated with the contributors properly.  ORCID of PIs will be shown in the final DMP.

Download a Plan

Download the plan in various formats with the selected content. The formats include: csv, html, pdf, text, docx, json. It is suggested to check also "project details coversheet".

Download plan

Publish Your Plan

When your plan is ready, you may share it with the CUHK community (Organization) or the worldwide DMPTool users (Public)

Sharing DMP

Register for a DMP ID and Connect with ORCID

DMP IDs track connections between your DMP with research outputs such as datasets and articles. To register a "DMP ID" for your plan, you have to complete the following:

1. answered at least 50% of questions

2. identified your funder under the "Project Details" tab, for instance: 

Identify Funder

3. linked your DMPTool account to your ORCID via your DMPTool "Third party applications" page

Click "Third party applications"


Register DMP ID

4. plan is not a mock project for testing, practice, or educational purposes


Once the above steps are satisfied, you can click the Register button to register an ID for your plan. The record of the DMP will be added to your ORCID profile.

Register for a DMP ID

Tips for Creating a Plan

If no DMP templates is provided by your funding agency on DMPTool, type "DCC" under "Select the primary funding organization" for a basic DMP template.

Templates of Your Funding Agencies

If you would like the template of your funding agencies to be available on DMPTool, please contact the Library at